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Aries Personality


The general personality traits found in people who are born under the sun sign of aries. An unhappy / frustrated Aries person may display some of the not-so-attractive or negative personality traits.

Positive Negative
* Is a leader * Must be the boss
* Is energetic * Brashness
* Helps others to achieve their dreams * Blind to his or her effect on others
* Accepts challenges * Intolerance
* Believes the best of others * Jealousy
* Takes risks for others * Doesn't listen
* Defends the vulnerable * Selfishness
* An Aries life is an open book * Impulsiveness
* Will give life for the loved one * Poor judge of character
* Continues action even if others give up * Dislikes being told what to do

The Aries Look

Typical Aries person will display some of the prominent physical characteristics. Aries people are tall and bold. They are usually lean, have strong bodies and tend to be quite athletic. They usually exhibit a physical image of success. An Aries person needs to be winner and generally do his / her very best to look the part. Appearances are of much importance to an Aries.

Aries Physical Appearence

The Body of an Aries is lean and strong, with large bones. Aries tends to have thick shoulders, and usually a long neck. The face long and the eyes are usually steady and somewhat piercing -- not looking through you, but certainly looking at you, as if you are being challenged. On the face there may be a scar or on the body from a past fight -- if so it will be "worn" with pride like a winner's trophy....Thatís a Typical Aries.

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