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Cancer at Home


A person born under the sun sign Cancer feels most secure at home. He or she will have a peculiar tendency toward the below listed characteristics:

Typical Behavior and Abilities when at home:

Typically, Cancerian men women are capable of doing many home improvement jobs at home. These people can cook delicious food and can also maintain a well-stocked kitchen. Cancerians feel most safe and secure at home. They like doing gardening and usually have a well-maintained garden at home. They like collecting antiques and displaying them at home. They sometimes irritate their visitors. They have a peculiar habit of hoarding anything seen as potentially valuable.

As a Parent:

As a parent, a Cancer person may worry a lot about his or her child. He or she likes being too protective about his or her child. Cancerians like supporting their children to the best of their capability. These people are often over-possessive about their children. They will do anything in order to help and encourage their children’s creative development. Cancerians never forget their children’s birthday and other important dates. Overall, Cancer people are perfect parents who care and try teaching their children with the best methods.

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