Capricorn at Work, Capricorn Behaviour at Work, Capricorn Persolnality at Work

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Capricorn at Work


At work, the Capricorn person will exhibit the following characteristics:

Capricorns at work like spending long hours to complete their task. These people like having some home comforts in the workplace. Capricorns at work need a comfortable place with all homely comforts. They want the people around them tidy and well organized. They donít like wasting money on useless things at work.

Capricorn as Employer

As as employer, Capricorn is kind and expects his or her employees to obey. These people donít give up perks unless someone really deserves it. They donít neglect family life for work. They have the ability to make their complex operations smoothly. They like taking their responsibilities seriously.

Capricorn as Employee

A typical Capricorn employee has a habit of arriving early and leaving late from office. These people usually donít indulge in office gossips. As employees, they are very dependable and hard working. These people aim high and often succeed in achieving what they aim to achieve. Capricorn as employees doesnít interfere in anyoneís work. They expect salary keeping in mind the level of work they do. They respect their seniors and elders at work. They like working with people having great common sense.

Typical Occupations

Capricorns are generally successful in occupations that donít require these people to be at the front office like accountants, bankers, researchers, architects, politicians, dentists and engineers.

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