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Gemini at Home


A person born under the sun sign Gemini likes traveling but nothing soothes him or her best than his or her home even after a memorable traveling experience. He or she will have a peculiar tendency toward the below listed characteristics:

Typical Behavior and Abilities when at home:

When at home, a Gemini person shows some common behaviors. A Gemini person likes having spacious home and surroundings, so that he or she can move around freely. These people enjoy using latest technology and gadgets, especially the information gadgets. For them telephone and a cell phone are very essential gadgets. These people donít like living alone and look for a constant and nice company. Geminis are tender and emotional people and find it difficult to ask for anything. Their homes are usually bright and cheerful surrounded by many interesting things. Since, they like movement, they always have a transport vehicle parked outside their home.

As a Parent:

A Gemini person as a parent can easily become a childís friend with his or her cool attitude. Geminis as parents enjoy playing with their children and teaching while playing. They use rational examples to teach something to their kids. Geminis as parents find it very difficult to express their real emotions to their children.

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