Gemini at Work, Gemini Behaviour at Work, Gemini Persolnality at Work

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Gemini at Work


At work, the Gemini person will exhibit the following characteristics:

A typical Gemini at work is very particular about getting things done as soon as possible. These people are better at work when they work with a team or in coordination. Gemini people have the ability to deal with emergencies quickly and efficiently. They have the spirit to try new things at least once. They are always looking for some variety at work.

Gemini as Employer

A typical Gemini as an employer is not at all dogmatic. A Gemini employer tries making changes to improve communication and productivity. This person as an employer tries to delegate astutely and concentrate on schemes for increasing profits and cutting costs. Geminis are usually impatient and intolerant about mundane administration as employers. They notice, inspect and even asks question in different aspects of different departments. They know how to classify their workers’ talents and enjoy building a goodwill to increase their clientele.

Gemini as Employee

A Gemini as an employee has the skill to get his or her way through a job interview. Geminis enjoys fast action and quick returns in their profession as an employee. They are good at thinking new ideas and details. Gemini employees like making new jokes to get their things done. They get bored while sticking to an idea for too long.

Typical Occupations

Geminis are generally good in occupations that deal with public relations and sales. They are also good at professions like writing, teaching and media. They have a liking for words and ideas, so they have potential to be good at politics and acting.

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