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Gemini Personality


Geminis or the people born in the third sun sign have some peculiar positive and negative personality traits that are mentioned below.

Positive Negative
* Youthful * Quickly Bored
* Inventive * Gossipy
* Quick * Nervous
* Versatile * Capricious
* Stimulating * Irritable
* Charming * Impractical
* Entertaining * Impatient
* Never Prejudiced * Restless
* Liberal * Dual Personality
* Inquisitive * Manipulative

The Gemini Look

Look-wise, Gemini people look youthful with tall and upright physical characteristics. They actually look younger than their actual age at any stage of life. Usually, Geminis have light feet no matter how big or small their body size is. They are speedy people and their physical frame shows this. They have very expressive eyes that observe everything minutely.

Gemini Physical Appearence

Geminis generally have slim and tall body frame. These people are strong as well as active. Geminis have fleshy and soft hands. They also have long arms and legs to match their height. These people are small-bones and light in weight. These people are usually prone to diseases in areas like chest, lungs, arms and hands. They like indulging in physical activities like skating, walking, tennis and anything that involves constant movement. They are usually fit and fine because of their constant movement. ....Thatís a Typical Gemini.

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