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Waking up in the morning and seeing your loved ones face is one of the best things in the world. Love horoscope 2017 brings in all the details of romance and love in all the zodiac signs. The movement of the sun, stars and planet can decide the kind of love life you will have this year. The twelve constellation stands for twelve types of personalities. The movement of the sun and stars will ascertain the relationship and compatibility level.

All the twelve zodiac signs have a good start in love and romance. Virgo and Sagittarius should look out for heart breaks. It may take time for them to recover and start a fresh one. Cancer will have an exciting year ahead. It is full of mixed bag reactions. Aries and Taurus will have a cheerful and fulfilled romance this year. It is the time for cupid to strike one. It will lead to an emotional roller coaster ride. Pisces, wedding bells are ringing very high for you. It is the time for you to tell you wedding vows and settle down in happy matrimony. Leo and Capricorn, looks like the finding love is on your top TO DO list. You will find your soul mate soon says love horoscope 2017. Gemini, Aquarius and Scorpio will find yourself getting haunted by your past flings but don´t worry all your passion and love for your special one will not go unseen. Just give in your best shot and you will see the things going according to your plan. Libra will have to restart from your left. So, buckle up and put that extra effort to set things right to a long term relationship. Good luck to all twelve zodiac signs.