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Pisces at Home


A person born under the sun sign Pisces like making their home like a palace with all the comforts of the world. He or she will have a peculiar tendency toward the below listed characteristics:

Typical Behavior and Abilities when at home:

  • A Pisceans at home will not follow any fixed routine.
  • He or she will often get involved in his or her own fantasy world.
  • These people at look for personal privacy and need for space at home.
  • Pisceans often keep their homes untidy but might feel to clean up the mess to search things.
  • They often keep a large clock to be on time.
  • Their home is usually full of wonderful art and music things.

As a Parent:

  • As a parent, a Piscean is very understanding for his or her child.
  • These people might not succeed in teaching discipline to their children but they encourage them for personal development.
  • They can easily accommodate and fulfill all that their children fantasies about.
  • These people might even spoil their children in too much love.
  • Pisceans as parents might set unusual rules for their children.
  • These people are warm at heart and seldom use any harsh words for children.

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