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Pisces Personality


The general personality traits found in people who are born under the sun sign of Pisces. An unhappy / frustrated Pisces person may display some of the not-so-attractive or negative personality traits:

Positive Negative
* Mystical * Too Emotional
* Creative * Gullible
* Understanding * Sensationalist
* Romantic * Self-blaming
* Compassionate * Can lose touch with reality
* Gentle and Kind * Escapist
* Shy * Depressive
* Trusting * Temperamental
* Helpful and Caring * Self-pitying
* Hospitable * Dependent

The Pisces Look

A typical Piscean has very different looks. He or she looks very clumsy than they actually are. They are very caring and this shows in their eyes. They have a very trusting nature and it can be seen in their looks that look eager and nonjudgmental. Looking at them one tends to feel their otherworldliness. They have a very humble face that shows their understanding and sympathy for other people.

Pisces Physical Appearence

As far as physical appearance of Pisceans is concerned, these people usually have a short and thick body. These people have an odd shaped head. Pisces people usually have very short limbs. They generally have a tendency of stooping while walking. Pisceans have eyes that have a sleepy appearance and this is enhanced by their large eyebrows.

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