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Taurus at Home


Those born under Taurus sun sign feel most secure and safe at home in the company of their family members. These people might roam to places but will ultimately find solace and comfort at home.

Typical Behavior and Abilities when at home:

  • A Taurus person when at home hates things moved to new positions.
  • Taureans like their households in a well-organized manner.
  • These people prefer to have their own house instead of a rented one.
  • These people like making their house like a castle with all the valuable things.
  • Taureans enjoy comfort and luxury at home.
  • These people try to decorate their house with unique furniture and showpieces.

As a Parent:

  • As a parent, a Taurean is highly affectionate.
  • Taureans are very patient when they become parents.
  • A Taurean parent make it a point to teach the child self respect.
  • A Taurean parent will also make it a point to teach the child how to save for his or her future.
  • Taureans as parents like expecting high standards from their children.
  • They are supportive, encouraging and protective about their children.
  • They can be possessive and dominant as well.
  • These people often find it difficult to play with their children.

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