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Taurus Personality


A Taurus person or a person born in the second sun sign generally has the following positive and negative personality traits:

Positive Negative
* Calm and patient * Boring
* Conservative and careful outlook * Materialistic
* Thorough in approach * Insensitivity
* Artistic approach * Little to say
* Dependable and very loyal * Delay actions by too much thinking
* Very attentive * Slow-moving
* Excellent cook * Stubborn
* Very loving * Obstinate
* Gentle and placid * Self-indulgent
* Good sense of time and order * Easily embarrassed

The Taurus Look

Generally, Taurean people show such a look that shows that they are very down to earth. They can be slim or plump, but both the ways they look elegant. They take each step with a proper consideration. Their look shows a solid reliability and strong determination.

Taurus Physical Appearence

Taureans generally have a compact and sturdy body with muscular and thick legs and thighs. They have short neck and high and square shoulders. These people generally have large and broad feet. Their strong neck and shoulder represent their strong will and determination. Their eyes are large and they give a steady gaze. Their face is usually round with a clear and beautiful complexion.... Thatís a Typical Taurus.

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