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Virgo and Love


A Virgo in love is neither emotional, sentimental nor dramatic. These people are just devoted and want their partner to be devoted to them. They use head more than their hear in their love life. In love these people show certain characteristics that are listed below:

When in Love:

  • A typical Virgo in love will look for quality.
  • Virgos in love are truly devoted to their loved one.
  • These people are frightened by overt romance.
  • They can do anything to avoid breaking up from their loved one.
  • Virgos in love can wait for years for the right person.
  • These people will rarely make their partner jealous.
  • Once in a while, these people like being steady and warm in their love life.

His/Her Expectations:

  • Virgos when fall in love expect their partner to enjoy a platonic flirtation.
  • These people expect a sense of decency from their partner.
  • Virgo people want their partner to keep their personal matters private.
  • These people expect their loved one to handle their feelings with extreme care and love.
  • Virgos expect their partner to be fussed over when feeling down.

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